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Didn´t end with a whimper, but with a cough.... 15.02.2017
My last days in Lisbon.... 19.11.2016
Pena ....what a Palace.... 19.11.2016
The Mystical Quinta da Regaleira... 18.11.2016
Belem´s Magical Modern Art Museum 17.11.2016
My story about a Lisbon Lookout.. 16.11.2016
Small town France and a bit of art... 13.11.2016
When a zoo is not a zoo? 12.11.2016
More from Marseille 10.11.2016
Magical Marseille 09.11.2016
Cordoba was well worth a visit.... 06.11.2016
Malaga from the top... 27.10.2016
Who said ¨Malaga is shit¨?..... 26.10.2016
Oia is the most beautiful village on earth..... 22.10.2016
Rain stopped play in Sorrento... 22.10.2016
Part 2 Amalfi 19.10.2016
A magic day on the Amalfi Coast. Part 1- Positano 19.10.2016
Five hours at Pompei 17.10.2016
Capodimonte 16.10.2016
My Sunday in Portici 15.10.2016
The treasures from Pompei 13.10.2016
Alan in Wonderland (on the Metro) 13.10.2016
Monday in Mdina 09.10.2016
Valletta, Birgu and Sunday in Marsaxlokk... 07.10.2016
Valletta´s stunning Cathedral 06.10.2016
The Bull¨s balls and Napoleon holding a fairy... 03.10.2016
Just another day on the Cinque Terre... 01.10.2016
More from Milan... 30.09.2016
Out and about in Milan... 28.09.2016
Sunday in Barcelona.. without the fireworks. 25.09.2016
Just another Saturday in Barcelona 23.09.2016
Another side of Barcelona 22.09.2016
Cadiz- the good, the bad, and Henry Moore.. 14.09.2016
You gotta start somewhere... 10.09.2016